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VS610 Integrated Visual Sensor Industrial Camera

  • Industrial camera built-in Al processing chip, sensor, lens, light source, and other integration-body
  • Intelligent correction of inferior bar code (such as edge deformation, damage, dirt, etc.), the success rate of reading up to 99.9%, greatly reduces the rework rate
  • Reading accuracy as high as 3mil, industrial camera owns the ability of high-density reading, on the PCB board pick code, or very small bar code accurately being read
  • Support OCR identification, code identification
  • Visual sensor industrial camera applied to auto parts,3C, the textile industry, semiconductors, food, and drug packaging, and other industries
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VS610’s New visual sensor industrial camera has features in highly integrated and high-performance deep learning algorithms, which has a specially designed lens with a large depth of field, high-performance image processing CPU, high brightness LED lighting, and high sensitivity CMOS sensor, to accomplish high precision and accurate reading in a hostile environment.

There are other kinds of industrial barcode scanners that can be selected for PCB Board or Metal Component scanning in specific environments, like fixed industrial scanners or wireless industrial scanners for choices, and if you have the needs for warehouse and logistics, LCD industry, factory production line, etc, you can ask for assistance by Vmax.

The most innovative sensors are bundled with powerful functions for both fully automated or precise manual mode over capturing images as well as on pre-processing in industrial visible sensor cameras. You could learn more about the features and functions of products by downloading the product catalog.

Module NO.VS610
Image SensorSensorCMOS Sensor
Resolution4056 X 3040
Frame Rate15 fps
LensFocal Distanceautomatic focusing
Field of ViewHorizontal Angle: 39°
Vertical Angle: 33 °
Light SourceIlluminationWhite LED
Aimed lampGreen LED
IndicatorRed LED, Green LED, Blue LED, Yellow LED
Visual ToolsWith or Withoutpattern, circle, spot, line, edge
CountSpot count, edge count, pattern count
RecognitionOCR identification, code identification
Mini Accuracy≧4mil
Input & Output2 photoelectric isolated inputs
3 photoelectric isolated outputs
Serial CommunicationCommunication standard complies with RS232C
Transmission speed: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115,200 bps
EthernetCommunication standard 100BASE-TX; Support protocol TCP/IP
USBCommunication standard conforms to the USB standard protocol
Rated ValueVoltage24V DC±10%
CurrentStand-by Current: 200mA
Operation Current: 2500mA
Power Consume60W
TemperatureOperation temperature : 0 ~ +45°C
Storage Temperature: -10 ~ +50°C
HumidityRelative Humidity: 5% ~ 85% (No condensation)
Storage Environment Humidity: 5% ~ 85% (No condensation)
Ambient LightSunshine:10000lux、 Incandescent:6000lux、 Fluorescent:2000lux
FallWithstand multiple 1.2m drops to the concrete floor (deflection allowed 5° )
MachineDimensions121.7mm x 100.3mm x 69.4mm
Shell materialAluminium alloy
CertificationCE FCC RoHS ISO9000 IOS9001

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