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PD220V-II POS VFD Customer Display

  • VFD customer display monitor supports 11 command modes including EPSON etc.
  • Power supply from 5V to 24V to prevent any mindless use of improper power input.
  • 20-column x 2-line dot matrix in a wide viewing angle.
  • VFD pole displays easy connectivity to a wide range of POS products.
  • VFD 220 customer display driver of OPOS/JPOS driver is standard.
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VFD Customer Display PD220V-II for the POS system has 40 characters in a 20-column x 2-line display dot matrix with board angles of viewing, making your point-of-sale system more attractive, efficient, and customer-friendly, using a special type of tube to demonstrate vivid and distinct characters on the active area. The VFD pole display can show the price, total, and change to customers, as well as other order details such as product name, discount, or loyalty points, where the VFD pole display is compatible with a considerable scope of POS solutions to meet the needs of your retail business.

VFD pole display referred to as adjustable VFD customer display that employs special display technology and unique circuit design can demonstrate both numbers and letters, as well as some symbols and international characters, which means you can customize your messages and communicate with your customers in different languages, helps your consumers with consistency and reliability for convenient cash register.

The VFD customer display pd220 driver is standard to OPOS/JPOS Driver and compatible with any options for your existing POS system.

With RS-232 and USB connections optional, the VFD display pd220 can imitate most command sets and has managed to improve visibility primarily with a Blue-Green display, and the excellent feature is that the premium pole customer display is one of the most affordable prices on the cash register market segments.

If you would like to discover the most appropriate VFD customer display for your retail POS system, you could call VMAXPOS for assistance or download the product catalog to gain the details directly

Display Method
Vacuum Fluorescent Display(Blue-green)
Number of characters
40(20 columns x 2 lines)
500-1000 cd/m2
Character font
5 x 7 dot matrix
Character type
95 Alphanumeric,32 International Characters
Character size
9.02(H) x 5.25(W) mm
Dot Size (X x Y)
0.86 x 1.05mm
Download characters
9 characters
Panel Dimension
220(W) x77.5(D) x 31H)mm
Pole Dimension
Per support leength:140(L) x 34.5(Dia)mm
Base Dimension
169.5(W) x98.5(D) x39(H)mm
Viewing Angle
Horizontal Rotation
Approx.980 grams
Commands Mode
Language Support
、RUSSIA、Portuguese、Canadian French、Nordic、Turkish、Greek、West European Latin
RS-232 (serial) /USB
Direct connection 9600 or 19200bps
30000 hours
5-12 VDC
EMC standards

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