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E760 ECR EIectronic Cash Register

  • Electronic cash register with a flexible keyboard.
  • High-speed thermal printer built-in the electronic cash register.
  • One graphic store logo and up to 10 logos can be printed on the receipt.
  • External devices support Kitchen printer, scale, and customer display.
  • ECR PLU sale amount, quantity top 25 reports.
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E760  EIectronic Cash Register ECR is equipped with 48 keys flexible flat keyboard and auto paper loading for retail business, in which up to 10 logos can be printed on receipt based on the 58 mm thermal printer. In most point-of-sale conditions, the portable cash register comes with software that allows you to charge the necessary sales tax, run reports, and track sales by customers.

According to business owners with limited budgets, electronic cash registers can be the most excellent register options for running small businesses. A powerful, durable, and stable electronic cash register offers affordable, effective, and influential business operations.

And the cash register machine can be employed to ring up sales in the retail stores that evaluate totals, shop currency, and print receipts for the point-of-sale solutions, however, if you only have a limited budget, you could contact us to get your ideal cash register machines with customized schemes. Meanwhile, you are able to download the product catalog to fin the most ideal pos machine for managing your business.

ECR General
Printer HeadThermal
Printing SpeedMax:90mm/s
Paper Supply MethodAuto paper loading
Paper Width58mm
Operator Display60*30mm
Customer Display8 digits LED
Keyboard48 Keys
Departments18 (Direct department) / 36 (Shift department) / 200
PLUsMax 10000
Interface1U-disk, 2xRS232, 1xPS2
Cash Drawer3-position lock ( 4 note slots,5 coin slots)
Power SupplySwitch power
Memory BillingYes
Customer ManagementYes
Stock ManagementYes
Profit AnalysisYes
Money Detector functionNo (Optional)
Dimension (W*L*H)335* 380* 210MM

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