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VS400 Compact Handheld Bar Code Scanner

  • Compact design: Centralized installation of internal critical components greatly reduces the possibility of error.
  • Super protective performance: Handheld bar code scanner can withstand 50 drop tests at a height of 1.2 meters.
  • HD lens, reading ability of high precision code: Read the bar code on the surface of complex workpieces quickly and accurately.
  • HP lens, reading codes of standard distance: Being more universal, able to apply thousands of industrial production lines, can also meet the daily use of retail stores.
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The VS400 industrial handheld bar code scanner uses high-quality CMOS sensors to achieve large depth of field and fast code reading capabilities, and the reading capability of inferior bar codes is also greatly improved, which can read various difficulties of distorted barcode on curved surfaces, bar code engraved on concave & convex surface, and metal stipple barcodes.

The handheld industrial bar code scanner additionally proves extremely user-friendly and convenient. Its ergonomically constructed handle is easy to hold and minimizes pressure during lengthy scanning sessions. The user-friendly design and swift controls provide straightforward operation and real-time feedback on scanning status.

With its sophisticated scanning technology, the durable handheld bar code scanner delivers unrivaled scanning precision, seamlessly collecting barcodes with unparalleled speed and outstanding accuracy. It’s high-resolution image sensor and powerful image processing algorithms ensure that every barcode, regardless of its size or condition, is quickly detected and translated with pinpoint precision, leaving little room for errors or misreads.

The industrial handheld bar code scanner matches smoothly with any current infrastructure owing to its flexible connecting options. Whether you prefer wireless Bluetooth communication or conventional USB connections, this bar code scanner adapts to your particular requirements with ease, providing a seamless and seamless integration procedure.

You could call us for more product information about the wireless section to keep pace with the operational demanding schedule.

Module No.VS400(Optional wireless section VS402)
Image SensorSensorCMOS Sensor
Resolution1280 X 1024
Frame Rate60fps
LensFocal DistanceFixed Focal Distance
Field of ViewHorizontal Angle: 44°
Vertical Angle: 34°
Light SourceIlluminationWhite LED (Optional Red and Blue LED)
AimerRed LED
IndicatorDecoder Light
Symbology Decode1-DCoda bar 、 Code 39 、Code 32 Pharmaceutical (PARAF) 、Interleaved 2 of 5、NEC 2 of 5、 Code 93 、Straight 2 of 5 lndustial、Straight 2 of 5 IATA, Matrix 2 of 5, Code 11、Code 128 、 GS1-128 、UPC-A, UPC-E、 EAN/JAN-8 、EAN/JAN-13 、 MSI 、GS1 DataBar Omnidirectional、GS1 DataBar Limited、GS1 DataBar Expanded、 China Post(Hong Kong 2 of5) 、Korea Post
2-DCodeblock A 、Codeblock F、PDF417、Micro PDF417、GS1 Composite Codes 、QR Code、Data Matrix 、 MaxiCode、Aztec 、HANXIN
Mini Accuracy≥4mil
Input & OutputSerial CommunicationCommunication Standard: Conform to RS232 C
Transmission Speed:9600 、 19200 、 38400 、 57600 、 115200 bps
USBCommunication Standard: Conform to USB Standard Protocol
Rated ValueVoltageSVDC ±5%
CurrentStand-by Current : 160 mA
Operation Current : 380 mA
Power Consume19W
TemperatureOperation temperature : 0 ~ +45℃
Storage Temperature : -10 ~ +50℃
HumidityRelative Humidity : 5% ~85% (No condensation)
Storage Environment Humidity: 5% ~85% (No condensation)
Ambient LightSunshine:10000lux、Nncandescent:6000lux、Fluorescent:2000lux
FallWithstand multiple 12m drops to the concrete floor (deflection allowed 5° )
MachineDimensions163.06mm x 106.23mm x 69.45mm
Shell materialPC
CertificationCE FCC RoHS ISO9000 IOS9001

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