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PD700-II USB Customer Display Monitor

  • 7-inch LCD large view and high clear screen.
  • Customer Display Monitor supports 800*480.
  • LED backlight, uniform light transmission, and durability.
  • Support USB 2.0, and RS232 interfaces.
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PD700-II 7-inch USB Customer Display has a wide view angle and high-clear screen, not only supports 800*480 and 350 brightness, owning USB2.0, RS323 interfaces, and 20columns×2lines / 20columns×4lines of characters for display contents customizable.

Pole customer displays can be produced in multi-line fluorescent or LCDs that can connect to your system via USB.

This eye-catching pole display allows customers to double-check the price for increased satisfaction.

Other sizes of USB customer displays are available for your pos system, you could download the product catalog for a preview or call us for an explanation.

GeneralDisplay MethodTFT – LCD Display(7 inch COLOR PANEL)
Number of characters20columns×2 line / 20columns×4 line
Character font40*80 dot matrix
Character type95 Alphanumeric,32 international characters
Character size11.2(H)×7.29(W)mm
Dot size(X×Y)0.1927×0.179mm
Display Area154(L)×86(W)mm
Pole DimensionPer support length:260(L)×35(DIA)mm
Base Dimension180(L)×100(W)×40(H)mm
Viewing AngleMax.135°
Horizontal RotationMax.355°
Commands Mode15 kinds, E.g LD220, ESC/POS, AEDEX, UTC/S, UTC/P, ADM788, DSP800, CD5220, EMAX, LOGIC CONTROL etc
Language SupportCP437, Katakana, CP850, CP860, CP863,CP865, WCP1252, CP857, WCP1250, WCP1253,WCP1255, WCP1251, CP866, CP852, CP737, CP858, CP864,WCP1257, WCP1258,CP874(Thai)
Two display patternCustomer Display / Customer Display+ Picture
ConnectionBaudDirect connection 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200 bps
ReliabilityMTBF30000 hours
PowerConsumption5-24 VDC
SafetyEMC standardsFCC, CE, ROHS
Safety standards

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