LEDs and LCDs both display images, but how are they different?

The difference can be attributed to the backlights.
In contrast to the traditional LCD panel, which uses fluorescent backlights for its backlighting, an LED display uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) instead.
The image quality of LED displays is typically superior, despite the fact that their illumination options differ.

What can I do about the cracked touch screen on pos terminal?

If you really want to fix the touch screen on pos touch monitor that is broken, you will first need to determine which component of your computer display is damaged.
You only need to replace the display screen from the e-commerce platform since the LCD screen is broken but all of the other electronic parts and components are still in working order.
However, if your computer has sustained significant damage, you will need to either buy a new one or take it to a repair shop to get it fixed.

How long do LED monitors last?

As with other devices, LED displays have a shelf life. LEDs have a theoretical life of 100000 hours and can work for more than 11 years if utilized 24/7/365, although actual and theoretical data are inadequate. LED display life is 6 to 8 years on the market and more than 10 years for outdoor LED displays, according to statistics. Our display will have unforeseen consequences if we pay attention to specifics throughout use.

How can I repair a touch screen pc which is cracked?

You need to determine which element of your monitor has been damaged if you want to fit a new touch screen.
Other electronic circuits and components are unaffected by the cracked LCD screen; all that is essential is to select a new display screen from an online marketplace.
However, if your machine is significantly damaged, you would better bring back a new monitor or deliver it to repair shop.

Which packaging strategies can be used for small pitches pos system LED display ?

1. Table decals (SMD)
One procedure of SMD packaging seems to be to weld a single or a gathering of LED chips to a metal bracket with a plastic “cup” outer frame (the outer pins of the bracket are connected with the LED chips of the P and N categories, respectively), fill the effectively removing frame with liquid epoxy resin or organic silicone, place in the oven it at a high temperature, and then cut and detach it into a single surface paste packaging device.

2. IMD, a surface integrated packaging method (four in one)
A further advancement based on the foundation of SMD package technology is the “four-in-one” package. SMD mount technology is very well amassed by LED display businesses. Four-in-one packages have four pixels in their structure similar to one pixel in SMD packages. The surface paste method is still performed even though the four-in-one LED display making use of the fully integrated packaging technology IMD (four-in-one).

3. COB packing for containers on board
In a COB package, the electrical line is connected by lead bonding while conductive or nonconductive glue has just been supplied to the connective substrate. COB packaging exploits integrated packaging techniques. SMT is utilized to fulfill the packaging process since there isn’t a single LED module. It can successfully solve the SMD packaging display screen due to the continuous decrease of point spacing, overcoming the limitations of changing technology difficulty, yield decreases, and cost increase. Tiny spacing is easier to design employing COB.

What is the main difference between 4K and 8K LED displays when ued in pos termianl ?

1) Resolution: 8K has a resolution of 7680 * 4320 pixels, which is almost 33.2 million pixels, and that is four times of 4K. And 4K has a pixel density of 3840 * 2160 pixels, about 8.3 million pixels.

The finer, clearer, and more realistic to real-world colors an image is, the more pixels it comprises.

2) Color Expression: The BT.2020 ultra-high vision light emitting standard, has a dynamic range of 10 bits and can showcase 1.07 billion colors, which is being used in 8K,dramatically enhancing the color spectrum.
Only 35.9 % of the total ultra hd blu-ray standardized color model is covered mostly by 8-bit, 16.77 million colors, standard Blu-ray and BT.709, which have an 8-bit color depth. The uhd Blu-ray definition is not conformed to several of the current 4K editions.

3) Refresh Rate: Although 8K video could have a clock speed of 120Hz, 4K video commonly has a refresh rate of 60Hz or less.
The smoother and more realistic the image may be since the refreshment rate is faster and crisper, the greater the refresh frequency will be.

However, frequency response and comparative fuzziness, which can create eye fatigue, affect the risk of sightedness, so the more regularly the vision is renewed, the better it may be.


How dose we understand an SVA WLED display whether we could apply it into pos customer dislay ?

SVA screen, which could be a type of passive screen,seems to be an advanced version of VA monitor.Other than IPS soft panels, also referred to as VA displays, are wide perspective displays. It is divided into MVA and PVA, with Chimei and AUO acting as the top suppliers of MVA, and Samsung and SONY teaming together to manufacture PVA.SVA screen should be replaced with S-PVA.

The normal pregnancy of WLED means for White Light Emitting Diode. In terms of technology, WLED lighting isn’t particularly superior to CCFL backlight. A screen backlight conversion with LED will lead in energy efficiency (about 20% less than CCFL), a longer longevity, and enhanced energy absorption.
The benefits of WLED backlighting displays comprise lower operating voltage, long life, compact design, low weight, excellent color-level of performance, higher uniform brightness, superior environmental protection, or impact resistance.
Low luminance and contrast rate are among some of the shortcomings of WLED backlight screens (RGB LED).

What is a TFT-LCD display applied into pos monitor ?

In the TFT-LCD liquid crystal display screen,a layer of liquid crystal is sandwiched between two glass substrates, with the bottom glass substrate becoming implanted with transistors and the top glass substrate being locked together by a color filter.

The polarizer determines the nature of the pixels when the electromagnetic current moves via transistor,deflecting the liquid crystal molecules and affecting the polarization of the light.

Each pixel has red, green, and blue colors owing to a connectivity between the top glass and the colour filter. The visual image on the pos monitor display screen is constructed of red, green, and blue colors, which are generated by these pixels.

How do I repair LCD monitors of pos display ?

A common electrical technological device currently in essentially everywhere is liquid crystal screens.

As a result, multiple tiny defects will exhibit themselves while being in use, forcing our consideration of how to retain the operation of liquid crystal displays of pos machine.

For instance,Take White Display Error.

1. The availability of a white screen shows the operation of the backlight board. Above anything else, ensure the motherboard is able to run normally.

2. Observe the status of the signaling trail coming from the mainboard to the screen (you could replace the cable or screen).

3. Confirm the voltage at each functional departments of the mainboard, as well as the voltage that powers the display screen.

4. Analyse the line fields and clock signals to use an oscilloscope (from input to output).
5. The motherboard is not working correctly if the indication is silent or turned off.

6. Confirm the voltage at each working point on the baseboard, paying more attention to the voltages at the CPU, EPROM, and reset points (all may be about 4.8V or comparable). A circuit breaker in the copper layer of the PCB board is probable if one exists in the power supply, but the short circuit point needs to be carefully located.

7. Ensure that the CPU pins are fully installed to the mainboard.

8. Check if the motherboard’s chips and Cpus are functioning, then examine to see if the crystal begins to vibrate to use an oscilloscope.

9. If essential, replace or restart the CPU.

What are some good portable touch screen monitor?

There is a requirement for all of you to seek for a touch screen monitor that meets your needs, but you do not specify the size of monitor you want or the environment where one you will use it.

Several characteristics of touch screen monitors vary depending on their size in inches, such as a 15 inch display,15.6 inch touchscreen display,or 9.7 inch.

And unique circumstances, such as indoor or outdoor, even auto, desktop, industrial, and healthcare, determine exactly what sort of monitors will be used.

What is the future of retail stores?

Someday retail businesses might still have physical locations, but they may be automated, mannedless, and self-service.

We will be in charge of the consumption process, such as self-select, self-check, and select-package,so we can use the pos machine to make payments or we may use kiosks to purchase items by ourselves.

Without being interrupted by other retail staff, the total customer experience can be pleasant and easygoing.

Can a POS print a previous receipt?

Yeah,it’s assured for pos machine to print the previous receipts.

The pos system can search your receipt date in SSD if you provide related information,but there needs to be noticed if you want to find the receipt in last year or more previous period ,and it might not seek out your receipt data due to auto storage time or cloud storage according to various stores’ storage requirements.

Do I need a point of sale system in my computer repair store?

Absolutely you need pos sysem in pc retail store.

Point of sale system will be easy to run your repair business and manage inventoy of components,even orders,which expedites your daily operation in retail store.

Do LCD IPS / LED panels suffer from any sort of wear and tear like OLED?

In general,actual working life of led mostly is 20,000~50,000 hrs in application.
Therefore,the backlight of ips lcd will take wastage while working,which might effect the quality of image.

Where are all the 8K monitors whether they can be used in pos system terminal?

High resolution like 4k screen mostly is used in a laptop with a high profile of 17.3 inch or other inchs,which has huge needs.And 720p,1080p can satisfy other basic demands.

But 8k monitors are not chosen by market due to its actual needs and application.And 8k monitors are usually produced in large-size screen that need produciton workers take more technology and energy to be manufactured.

There is a highly probability that lcd glass will be broken due to its assembled difficulty. Actually,we ever tried to seperate one 4k screen and one 8k screen to understand their structure,but we failed and it’s so easy to be broken.

We wasted the screens.

Therefore,8k monitors is more uncommon than other monitors according to actual needs and cost.

Can the scanner read black bar codes on a rough surfaces ??

Barcodes may be read from uneven surfaces to certain level. However, it is typically preferable that barcodes being printed on a moderate and smooth surface for the maximum performance. Avoid putting labels on corners or folds, creases, seams, or any other irregular parts of the item. 

But our industrial barcode scanner can support better reading accuracy on wrinkles or metal codes.

How do we classify readers based on how they work?

Handheld barcode scanner

Desktop bar code scanner

Built-in bar code scanner

How to choose the right printer resolution?

We start with three main parameters when considering whether to print labels at 203, 300, or 600 DPI: required printing clarity or readability, required printer printing speed, and label format.

What is the significance of printing clarity and readability? While 300 and 600 DPI images are far better than 203 DPI, most users will be satisfied with 203 DPI due to their actual needs.For example,if we print logistics labels with DPIs of 203, 300, and 600,the label will be entirely enough with 203 dpi. In contrast hand,markers for electrical components that demand tiny characters and symbols, 600 DPI is required to print intelligible texts, images, and codes.

How soon can they print labels? The printing speed decreases when the resolution is increased. When making a judgment of selecting printer, the size and kind of texts and images are very essential. All of those are significant considerations for determining the most appropriate DPI for printing.Then we demand a 600 DPI printer for printing smaller sizes of text and statutory signs so that the contents can be read and the regulated signs can be recognized. We need 600 DPI while printing extremely small barcodes since we ought to be able to scanner them subsequently. Smaller text and images mostly demand a higher DPI.

What data may be printed on the card?

Text, images, photographs, digital information, barcodes can be printed on the color or black and white on the cards.

What exactly is the difference between a handheld scanner with or without a trigger ?

When they come into contact with a physical object, the trigger-free handheld barcode scanner will directly operate.

A bar code scanner with a trigger will only work while the trigger has been pressed.

It may be challenging to employ a trigger-free scanner if there are many bar codes on the surface of goods in a limited space.

How is the barcode scanner programmed ?

Special barcodes, which might be found in the programming instructions for various scanner, are employed to program bar code scanners.

Special scanner configuration programs can also be utilized to reprogram some scanning machines.

Which kind of factors influence bar code reading distance?

The reading distance of a barcode scanner is determined by numerous factors, including:

Mode of reading: CCD/laser scanner ( laser scanner can read the bar codes at a longer distance)
Quality of bar code printing
Size of a bar code
Density of bar codes

How long may the wire connecting the scanner be for pos system?

Its standard wire length for handheld bar code readers is 2 m.

Stretching the connection may degrade the quality of data transmission and cause the scanner to failure.

According to current operation technology, what are the most common types of bar code scanners?

Due to the reading capability, barcode readers are classified as follows:

CCD barcode scanner
Laser bar codes scanner
Image bar code readers ( Be similar to CCD readers, but have a extra strong scanning segment that could read the barcode from long distance and read 2D barcodes )

Why can certain bar code scanners read all bar codes but others cannot?

One probable explanation is the reader’s settings.

Only the most typical barcodes can be scanned with the factory default settings.

The scanner is only set up to read one specific bar code. Other barcodes cannot be read until their settings are enabled.

What exactly is an internal barcodes ?

We can employ the inner bar code to make scanning in the warehouse more convenient.

These codes are often similar to the item codes in the existing pos system, but they vary from the codes utilized in the store to identify items (EAN13).

These codes are only for internal usage and can not be  shared with others.

What's the difference between CCD, laser, and imager scanning ?

These are several scanning methods.

CCD scanners are affordable yet have short read distances.

Laser scanners can read barcodes from longer distances and become more “active.”

They are unable to scan the QR codes.

Regardless of the orientation, the imager scanner can catch both one-dimensional and two-dimensional barcodes.

What does "high density" mean for scanner ?

High density denotes high resolution sensors in image scanners.

This high density reader enables the reading capacity of tiny barcodes.

What exactly does "auto range" mean for a scanner ?

Scanners with the Auto Range capability can read barcodes from both near and far distances.

What does Wide Angle mean for a barcode scanner ?

Larger and longer barcodes can be captured by barcode scanners with a wide angle feature.

What is the level of IP protection of barcode scanner ?

IP is an abbreviation for International Protection. It displays how well an item is shielded from environmental impacts.

The first digit indicates resistance to solid foreign bodies, while the second shows resistance to water.

How is the scanner linked to the computer?

You may use a USB cable, Bluetooth, or radio to connect the scanner to the cradle.

A USB cable or Bluetooth is being used to connect the transfer station to the PC.

Is it necessary to install a driver for barcode scanner ?

The scanner makes use of the operating system’s regular keyboard driver.

There is no need for manual driver installation.

What is the bluetooth scanner's radio range?

It is always dependent on the scene, such as if there are any shelves in the area. Probably 20m is a reasonable assumption.

All of our bluetooth scanners offer batch mode, allowing the data to be temporarily preserved.

In this situation, all data is instantly communicated as soon as the scanner returns to radio range.

Can all scanners read from lcd monitors or display screens ?


Only imager scanners are capable of scanning from screens and monitors.

This is not compatible with laser scanners to read codes from displays.

How is the scanner set up ?

Whether use the programming barcodes in the instructions or configure barcodes through us.

What is the main difference of One Dimensional (1D) and Two Dimensional (2D) barcodes ?

1D barcodes or namaed linear barcodes were the first sort of bar codes and have been still widely used today. 1D barcodes comprised of plain black lines, may contain a limited amount of data – no more than 25 characters relying on the specifications. The most typical 1D bar codes are Code 128 and Code 39.

2D barcodes can accommodate a maximum of 2,000 characters since they feature in both horizontal and vertical info. QR Codes and PDF 417 are two major 2D barcode codes applied to various business.

What is related to 1d laser scanner ?

Laser technology instantly gathers information via reflected light on undamaged barcodes.

Although 1D laser scanners are affordable to acquire, their scanning capabilities are relatively restricted.

Which kind of print head can you use for thermal printer ?

Thermal printers employ lines of dot-sized heated components, and the higher the DPI (dots per inch) owns , the sharper the quality will be. Dots per millimeter are used to construct printheads. 8 dots/mm equals 203 dpi, 12 dots/mm equals 300 dpi, and 24 dots/mm equals 600 dpi. 

The two most significant considerations are the form and size of the labels you are printing. The thermal printer you want to employ must be able to fit to the printhead size you have chosen.

Many barcode printers could alternately employ 203 and 300 dpi printheads; however, 600 dpi printheads may necessitate a better quality printer.

What is 203 dpi for label printer ?

The typical print resolution of 203 dpi is adequate for regular shipping labels, larger barcodes, and text. Small sizes of 5pt and 6pt are not advised, and labels 1″ x.25″ might not even print scannable barcodes.

203 dpi printing is good at direct thermal and thermal transfer label pinting ; shipping labels with larger text and barcodes ; all common paper and synthetic stocks for label printers.

What is 300 dpi for shipping label printer ?

For the plurality of label sizes, the most typical printhead is 300 dpi.

It is ideal for shipping labels, standard-sized barcodes, and texts.

Tiny text sizes of 7pt and 6pt will print effortlessly. Smaller labels can be printed nicely with barcodes that are abel to be scanned.

The 300 dpi printing is skilled in thermal transfer and direct thermal labels printers ; shipping labels, asset labels, product labels printers ; all common papers and artificial securities printed .

What is 600 dpi for label printer ?

According to printing labels used in the electronics and jewellery industries, a print resolution of 600 dpi is necessary.

This higher resolution printhead is essential for printing texts at 5pt, barcodes, and QR codes. Synthetic materials are particularly demanded for heat dissipation and require a durable resin or wax-resin ribbon.

Even though more costly, a 600 dpi printhead has a significantly much longer lifetime than a 203 or 300 dpi with higher printing quality.


What is thermal transfer printing method ?

Heating from the printer’s printhead goes through the ribbons onto its substrate (labels or tags) during thermal transfer printing, creating the images on its surface.

A thermal transfer ribbon is one type of ribbon that is constructed of one of three kinds of materials like waxed, wax/resin, and full resin.

What are the advantanges and disadvantages of thermal transfer printers ?


Less costly than direct thermal label printer

Label durability and long lifetime

A diverse range of materials

Excellent UV and chemical resistance, and the ideal solution for labels that may be exposed to UV, liquids, or have a long using life

Disadvantages :

Ribbons are necessary for materials, and several users may not prefer to dealing with ribbons on the printer.

What is direct thermal printing method ?

Heating from the printer’s printhead reacts directly to the chemical coating on its substrate ( labels or tags ) in direct thermal printing, generating the image on the substrate.

When heat is applied, the chemical coating on a direct thermal label turns black.

Each label type fulfills a specific goal. We could assist you in choosing the most suitable label or thermal printer for your business purpose.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of direct thermal printers ?

Advantages :

No requirement for ribbon

Acquisition and printing both are affordable.

Excellent for receipt and shipping labels printing, as well as any label, tag, or receipt with a limited lifespan and no contact to the environment.

Disadvantages : 

The printed image has a limited lifetime

Far less durable than thermal transfer printers 

What is the difference of barcode scanner and barcode verifier ?

Barcode scanners, also known as barcode readers, can scan 1D and 2D bar codes and are employed as an input device to convert the code.

In accordance with industry grading standards, barcode verifiers examine a barcode to guarantee that it can be recognized by any barcode scanning machine.


Which types of barcodes can be choosen for scanners ?


1D or 2D

Direct Part Mark (DPM)

Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

On the Printed Label, Mobile Phone, Computer Screen

What is the main way for barcode scanners to communicate ?

Wired (USB or Serial)

Wireless (Bluetooth)

What kind of factors can affect the fixed mount scanners to read barcodes ?

Orientation (Vertical, Horizontal, Variable)

Motion Tolerance (Scanning Speed)

Read Range and Field of View

Barcode Quality

What is the main operation mode for fixed barcode scanner ?

Presentation (always on)

Sensor (by motion)

Controller (by software)

What is the main reason for the cost of 2d bar code scanner ?

Whether Tethered, Cordless or portable reader
Density of the codes
Method of printing

Can the 2d scanner read the 1d linear codes ?

Yes,these imager readers could also read linear codes as well.

What is VFD ?

A VFD works mostly on cathodoluminescence principle, comparable to a cathode ray tube but at much lower voltages.

A phosphor-coated carbon cathode in each tube of a VFD is blasted by electrons produced by the cathode filament

What is a pole display ?

Small, compact, and adjustable, pole displays are a common type of customer display,which provide eye-catching letters that can easily list products and pricing.

Most businesses install pole displays above cash register to easily display a customer’s transaction.

What are the main components of VMAX POS?

The main touchscreen unit, thermal printer, barcode scanner, cash register, and receipt screen,msr are the main components of VMAX POS.

What other units/peripherals might be considered for your business ?

Think about buying extra items including a barcode/label/receipt printer,vfd or 2nd screen, various sorts of scanners, chargers, and stands.

Everything seems to be accessible in our current customer’s business store.

Can pos terminal be used for all business other than hospitality?

Other commercial activities, such as customer experience and retail, make use of the pos system machine.

In the retail version, there is also the best choice of quickly looking for items by name, code, or bar-code scanners.

What does pos mean ?

POS is an abbreviation for point of sale (sometimes named as EPOS,stands for electronic point of sale).

What is pos hardware for business ?

Most point of sale bundles will come with a similar pos system,like all in one terminal, metal cash drawer, receipt printer, and card reader machine commonly included.

You could require any additional devices according to the applications of your business.

What is point of sale payment system ?

Point of sale transactions will occur when customers need to pay for goods or services.

Theoretically, it also means the place of the payment and the mode of payment chosen by the customer.

For illustration, a customer can be charged by cash or through a card reader machine.

What is main difference of point of purchase (pop) and point of sale (pos) ?

You may well have noticed the phrases of POP and POS utilised as one and the same, but they are related to two different concepts.

The point of purchase is where the customer decides to buy items, while the point of sale is where the real transaction occurs.

The point of purchase in a physical store would be relatively close or at the doorway, where displays or promotional products greet customers. The register is generally at the point of sale.


How does the barcode work ?

A barcode is primarily a way of transmitting messages in a machine-readable image acquired.

The combined effect of black and white bars (components) displays different letters and numbers according to a predefined algorithm for such a barcode category.

When you alter the sequence of the components, readers can get distinct text.

A barcode scanner reads this black and white sequence, which is then transformed into a paragraph of text that your computer machine can directly unscramble.

Can the price of my item be printed in the barcode ?

A barcode can maintain whatever types of textual contents that you want to encode, but the price is frequently not encoded on product labels.

The barcode will demonstrate what product it is, and pricing data usually will be connected to your pos system or database.

How many characters can a barcode have ?

Based on the types of barcodes, 1D codes can also have 20-25 characters, while 2D codes can even have as many as 2,000 characters.

The major important consideration is that when the amount of data contained in the barcode multiplies, it’s becoming larger.

This is particularly true for 1D barcodes, which are usually used to encode  8 -15 characters.

What is the barcode on a driver's license ?

Driver’s licenses in the United States are using a PDF417 layered 2D code.

How small can I generate the barcode ?

Barcodes can be created in a variety of sizes, along with 1/8th inch squares if you’re using a 2D code.

Nevertheless, it comes with a trade-off because making a such small code restricts the amount of characters you can utilize and necessarily requires the utilization of a high definition label printer to make sure the print quality remains comprehensible by a scanner.

The more challenging it is to read a code, the smaller it becomes.

Is a UPC number required?

A UPC barcode is generally required when selling a product to a retailer or a distributor.

If you are questionable, speak with the business that tries to sell your goods to identify out their policy on UPC barcode system.

If you gain your UPC number, you will also receive an authentication certificate. To confirm that your number is original and authorized, most retailers ask for proof of the certificate.

What is the cost of a UPC number?

The cost is influenced by the number of distinct products that must be recognized, in addition to the sales revenue.

Even though price levels vary so widely, only GS1 can calculate an accurate cost.

Is it possible to print my own UPC barcodes for retail ?

Yes! Contact VMAX POS for assistance in choosing a barcode label printer and barcode labels when you have your unique GS1 number.

What does DPI mean for printer ?

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a measurement of a printer’s resolution. The finer the printer is the higher the number will be.

Often these applications seem to be best suited at 203 dpi, but for logos/images or really tiny labels, 300 or 600 dpi is recommended for printing items.

How many labels are on a roll for label printer ?

The amount of labels for each roll is ascertained by the label’s length.

The more labels you get per roll, the shorter the label is.

Can I make a barcode label for printer by myself ?

To generate and print a label, you’ll require barcode label design software and even a barcode label printer.

You can employ this label software to create barcodes, text, and images tby your own design and then submit the printing contents to your printer.

What is the difference between a desktop printer and a tabletop printer ?

Label printers are classified into two categories relying on their dimensions and max printing duty cycle.

Desktop printers are relatively small and ideally adapted to low-volume application fields like office labeling or retail store.

Tabletop printers are designed to print hundreds or thousands of labels per day and are stronger physically to withstand harsher environments.

What is the operation of a barcode scanner for point-of-sale ?

A barcode scanner works by detecting the interchanging black and white components of the barcode, which obey a particular algorithm and are converted by the scanner into a commensurate string of text.

The scanner then transmits this data to your computer using the same way that a regular keyboard does. This text string will emerge wherever your mouse pointer is located on the screen at the time.

Do I need a special software to use a scanner ?

To operate normally, barcode scanners don’t really require any special software or drivers,which will replicate a keyboard and be recognized as a particular input device by your computer.

What is the range of wireless barcode scanner ?

The range of a wireless barcode scanner differs based on the specific model, although most modules use Bluetooth (Class 2) advanced technologies and offer a 33 feet range.

And some of the sturdy barcode scanners will use Bluetooth Class 1 with a distance of more than 300 feet.

How van I scan a barcode from the monitor screen ?

A 2D imager scanner, which analyses image data rather than reflected light, is required to decode an unique code from a screen.

A normal laser barcode scanner cannot read information from a screen.

Is a laser scanner harmful?

Barcode scanners use a Class II laser that is normally safe for your body and eyes.

How long is a scanner's cable ?

Most barcode scanners emerge with such a 6-foot cable, but many other scanner modules feature in longer customized options for cable.

What does 802.11a/b/g/n mean?

802.11a/b/g/n is a wireless communication standard process generally referred as Wi-Fi. Modules with this functionality can link to a wireless network using the same way that a PC or laptop could do.

What kind of factors should I consider while choosing an ID Card Printer ?

  1. Volume : the amount of cards you intend to print 
  2. Capability of printing : print on one or both sides of the ID card
  3. Security : whether there is and lamination required for  durability and security
  4. Encoding : use a magnetic stripe, a SmartCard,or UHF RFID for your ID card

Is a single-sided or dual-sided printer required ?

Single-sided printers are suitable for ID cards that consist of only a limited amount of cardholder information.

Dual-sided printers are perfect for situations where a great deal of information must be recorded just on card. Through transferring the majority of the data towards the backside of the card, the front side is kept clean as well as free of distractions.

Can a barcode reader work with more than one symbol type ?

Yeah,multiple interacting symbologies are supported by barcode readers.

Scanners can identify more linears than 2-D information sequence, but they frequently assist a few widely accepted two dimensional layouts.

Symbolic meanings help varies based on the reader manufacturer and design.

Can the barcode scanner know which kind of symbol to be read ?

Barcode readers have had an autodiscrimination functionality that is able to detect the religious symbolism of being processed and decodes it correspondingly.

Barcode scanners could use autodiscrimination to trace the mixture of bars and areas to the appropriate character, attempting to prevent scanning errors.

The error margin for barcode entering data is projected to be one inaccuracy per more than 3 million characters.

Could printers print multiple types of barcodes ?

Thermal barcode label printers can produce a wide range of symbols.

Particular laser printers,inkjet printers and application software may be incapable of printing barcodes natively or could not handle multiple symbologies.

The endorsed printing symbologies are classified in the printer specifications.

If I need to print UPC and EAN symbols for application.what should I do ?

The Uniform Code Council in the US and EAN International in the rest of the world have been managing the EAN.UCC system, which contains U.P.C. and EAN barcodes.

Take a trip to their websites for further resources and information concerning how to get originated with UPC and EAN labelling requirements.

Do I need to buy a specific printer to print barcodes ?

Numerous widely accepted laser printers and inkjet printers can generate barcodes, but they have to be designed to accomplish this.

They generally lack native support for bar code symbologies and need to be enhanced with extra lettering or programming for this purpose.

What could I do to connect the barcode printer to the computer system ?

The several prevalent interfaces are accessible for barcode printers,enabling easy integration with a diverse variety of host computer systems.

Ethernet, USB, parallel, serial, twinax, and coax cables are all obtainable. Wireless connectivity is also conceivable with barcode printers that endorse 802.11b and Bluetooth.

Control tool enables remote monitoring, layout, and problem resolution of networked printers.

What does the compliance label mean ?

Many businesses may require their wholesalers and trade partners to place a barcode or radio frequency identification (RFID) label on the deliveries to endorse the company’s automated systems.

Compliance labels are markings that are created to fulfill the specifications of trade relations.

The shipment organisation adopts the label to conform to such a recommendation or requirement.

Compliance labels must commonly adhere to strict formats for layout, content, barcode symbolism, printability, and others.

Is the laser printer able to print barcode shipping labels ?

Yes, but demand immediate material waste and printer wear, prospective label adhesive jamming, restricted symbolism and operating systems assistance, as well as postponements while mainstream press is modified to sustain label or report printing.

How to choose the right barcode printer for business ?

Reduce the dimensions of the labels that have to be printed to substantially limit the scope. To decide the printing method ( direct thermal or thermal transfer ) and permitted media exposure, recognize the environments the label will be revealed to and the necessary lifetime.

Printers also vary significantly in terms of interfaces and network connectivity. Those certain essential distinguishing features are the sponsored symbologies, graphics, and global character types. Durability and printing volume are indeed significant factors. With most application areas, a pixel density of 203 dots per inch (dpi) is satisfactory. When trying to print at a higher definition, such as when producing extremely small labels or perhaps some 2-D symbols, 300 or 600 dpi printers should be used.

Is it important for print speed when printing shipping labels ?

Yes, but the print speed mentioned in the printer specific requirements (in inches per second, or ips) isn’t always an accurate representation of how quickly the machine will print. Some printers demand a substantial amount of time to handle the label format before printing.

What cables do I need for my cash drawer?

What type of cable is actually needed tends to depend on the cash drawer you bought and the way you plan to establish your POS system. For numerous drawer combinations, you may require a cable splitter, daisy chain, or multiple cables.

If you can not confirm which kind of cable required for your cash boex,you can click here to contact with us directly.

What is pen type and handheld wand barcode scanner ?

This is probably the most basic and cheap barcode scanner available. It is long-lasting and has no movable parts. Nevertheless, while scanning, the wand barcode scanner should keep in touch with the bar code,which may be challenging,s ince this wand must make contact with the bar code, when it is has been read multiple times, this might become spattered or destroyed, deeming it impossible to read.

A wand bar code scanner is also named as  “human operated,” which indicates that it must be allowed to hold at the right angle and managed to move at the correct speed.

Based on  the several reasons, a wand barcode reader may be the best option when cost is the most important consideration.

What is CCD Barcode Scanner ?

A CCD barcode scanner can quickly and effortlessly read bar codes.

Regrettably, it seems to have two significant disadvantages. For instance, it has a restricted scanning range and has to be kept within 1 to 3 inches of the bar code.

Furthermore, the CCD bar code reader has a limited width and is unable to read bar codes broader than the scanner’s head,which may be  commonly put into the point-of-sale applications.

What is called as hands-free or fixed mount bar code scanner ?

This barcode scanner is grounded, enabling the user to scan bar codes with both hands.

Slightly elevated scanners are flexible, durable, and absolutely reliable, increasing productivity while requiring less employees ’ commitment,whose bar code reader can perform best in high-volume basic retail, liquor stores, and grocery stores.

What is named as the wireless or cordless barcode scanner ?

This wireless barcode scanner is designed to be employed in manufacturing or warehouse applications where the cable and cord restricts movement.

Cordless scanners are the ideal choice for difficult environments where the wire might be destroyed and make your scanning machine useless.

Cordless barcode scanners seem to be the solution for shipping and receiving situations whenever the cable limits accessibility.

Wireless scanners are ideal for retail applications when a wired scanner strictly adheres outside the cash counter area.

A wireless bar code reader is excellent for scanning large, enormous, or overweight products that are hard to be placed on the checkout counter.

What can we know about portable data terminals ?

Portable date terminal is a battery-powered portable bar code scanner that maintains memories of data for further uploading. A handheld bar code reader includes a LCD display and a keyboard in combination to a bar code scanner.

With every input, the users may move around, reading and tapping in data and getting a response from the computer. Handheld computing and integrated laser bar code reader scanning are coupled in portable palm terminals.

What can we learn about wearable barcode scanner ?

The wearable  bar code scanner has two different modes of operation. A ring or hand barcode scanner is carried and initiated by directing the finger at the barcode reader, pushing the thumbs against a trigger under the bottom of the finger, or just pointing the reader at the bar code.

What is a barcode decoder ?

A bar code decoder converts bar code information into a database schema which a computer can recognize. Since some bar code scanners (Un-decoded Scanners) are unable to decode bar codes, a decoder is recommended. Several users prefer to employing an undecoded reader with a barcode decoder machine so that the scanner may be retrieved and combined with a portable terminal. Some users would like not to need to update both a scanner and a decoder if a problem occurs.

What can we learn about pos transaction ?

When you pay for something with cash or a credit card, you are participating in a POS transaction.

Point-of-sale transactions are also relatively popular in restaurants and coffee shops. After you complete your meal and pay for order with a credit card, electronic wallet, or cash. The servers swipes your credit card with a scanning device, and the POS transaction is completed.

Can a pos system machine work without internet ?

Locally-Installed Operating Systems

Since all the data and information associated with the system is stored in the computer, a locally installed system may operate without such a connection to the internet.

How does the credit card machine work ?

Customers who prefer to pay with a credit or debit card may use credit-card machines to accomplish this. 

Devices are generally linked to the internet or a broadband connection in order to transfer data to the processors. Many credit card processors transmit payments from the customer’s account to the merchant account of the business. In those other situations, the credit card processing company may utilize a payment processor to hold money on your account while putting them straight into your bank account at your convenience.

What is linear camera ?

Linear cameras are a small segment of static industrial scanner solutions that are employed for applications that necessitate the greatest read rates on fast-moving items. Linear cameras,  like some other static industrial scanners, are destined to be used in areas that aren’t constantly operated by humans.

Courier, 3PL, postal sorting, retail, distribution, and e-commerce seem to be just a couple of the industries that benefit from personality, high reliability camera systems.

Linear cameras can provide best combination of long-range reading and 360° coverage for trying to identify any barcode (1D, 2D, Digimarc) and trying to capture high-resolution images.

What is the LED ?

LEDs : These are brightly illuminated sections that perform in a similar form as the tiny light-emitting diodes (LEDs) managed to find on instrument panels.

LED displays generally show solely numbers (digits), each of which are mainly composed of seven lighted bars (or segments). They function perfectly effectively in both light and darkness and consume a large amount of energy.

What can we learn about LCD ?

LCDs : More multi – functional and portable than LEDs, LCDs can display numbers, letters, words, images,or almost anything else. They can be identified everywhere from mobile phones and laptop computers to pocket calculators and LCD display televisions. Even though they consume little power, they necessitate a backlight (a lamp light shines from behind them through the bottom of the display out through the front) to be recognizable in low-light conditions.

What can we konw about VFD for pos system customer display ?

VFDs : These display devices combine the benefits of LEDs and LCDs. They provide the same brightness as LEDs but seem to be simpler to read, and they are able to display numbers, words, or letters for customer display,which are also simple to read in both darkness and light environment in the point-of-sale.

How long do vacuum fluorescent displays VFD last?

The colour scheme (which ultimately decides the existence of the phosphor) and display brightness make such a serious influence on the tube’s life – time, which may scope from as little as 1,500 hours for a vibrant red VFD to 30,000 hours for a more common green VFD.

What is a Point-of-Purchase (POP) Displays

POP displays are these display of printed or digital materials found alongside a product in order to encourage customers to buy it. POP displays provide such a significant amount of flexibility because they can be placed everywhere in your square footage.

What are Point-of-Sale (POS) Displays?

Such a point-of-sale display can be discovered in a shop’s transactional area, at which customers confirm out their purchases. POS displays are employed to boost impulse purchases of low-cost convenience items.

Can I scan barcodes directly from the mobile phones or other similar devices ?

When attempting to determine whether such a specific barcode scanner will be capable of scanning barcodes directly from the a cell phone screen, there seem to be multiple factors to take into account. Its first factor to consider is whether the scanner is a laser scanner or imager. Laser scanners won’t be able to scan barcodes from Lcd screens (LED, OLED, or otherwise) or similar screens.

Regardless of whether the scanner is an imager scanner, there might be problems scanning directly from an electronic display. Imagers associated with this approach to small, low-resolution cameras; think about what happens once you capture a picture through a display by using your camera’s flash. So, what occurs? The image appears washed out, or the flash’s reflection completely destroys the image, and you can’t see how it’s through the screen clearly. A same thing happens with your barcode scanner: when it has sent out it’s own red light light rays, a large portion of it is reflected at the imager from your phone’s screen, and the scanner seems to have trouble comprehending of what’s behind the light reflected.

Can I make a thermal transfer label printer print direct thermal?

The Printer Confirmation Utility is the simplest method of converting a printer from thermal transfer to direct thermal.

What is the difference between a Bluetooth Dongle (Adapter) and a Bluetooth Cradle for a wireless scanner?

When it comes to wireless scanners, a Bluetooth Dongle varies from a Bluetooth Cradle because a Bluetooth Dongle will not start charging the wireless scanner, while a Bluetooth Cradle in the majority of cases will charge the wireless scanner.

How does a Bluetooth Dongle (Adapter) converse with a wireless barcode scanner?

When a Bluetooth Cradle isn’t really available, many wireless scanners can connect directly to a laptop or desktop PC via a Bluetooth Adapter. Vmax  scanners, in particular, consider making pairing to a Windows PC simpler than other companies by utilizing the Scan-To-Connect utility, which smoothly matches up the scanner to the Bluetooth Adapter. The major drawback of directly connecting to a Bluetooth Dongle (Adapter) is that your wireless scanner must be charged separately.

Can I use any 2-Line display with POS?

Yeah, 20-columns x 2-lines dot matrix in a wide viewing angle for VFD Pole Display can be optional for POS System Terminal.

What's the difference between re-stick and die-cut on liner?

Re-stick paper is a constant roll of paper with a sticky back, whether across the a whole roll or in a strip on the bottom. This seems to be useful for creating a temporary label, including printing a coffee cup for a drink order or placing a temporary shipping label on a box. The printer’s auto-cutter or a lacrimal bar cutbacks the length to size, but the width stays unchanged.

Die-Cut stickers are labels that have been shaped into a round and rectangular shape and installed on a slick liner. Such labels are much more aesthetically appealing but last longer than re-stick labels. The labels are available in standard sizes.

You should check compatibility with your software/app supplier in either printer. Not all operating system is label or re-stick printer interoperable, while others will only print on quite specific sized labels or sticky paper length and width.

Can I use a 50' USB cable to connect my kitchen printer?

It is strongly discouraged. Anything over 15′ usually starts to degrade, anything over 30′ seems to be unreliable, and anything over 50′ can not work.

What is the thermal paper for thermal printer ?

Thermal paper is also referred to as carbonless paper when used for thermal printer.

Thermal paper serves as the most popularly used cash register paper in supermarkets.

There is no requirement to use ribbons when printing on thermal paper, which noticeably decreases the cost of printing consumables.

Moreover, since thermal paper is not impervious to long-term storage, it is typically found in the thermal printer for supermarkets or shopping malls.

What is the distinction between the "Health Care" models?

Healthcare models have included IEC 60601-1 compliant power supply and wipeable plastic materials. Health Care White is also employed for the colouration.

What is the difference between the pos cash register and electronic cash register ?

The POS cash register is split up into different parts: the terminal, the keyboard, the customer display, the printer, the scanner, and the cash drawer.

A charging system is the POS cash register system. Such a system is frequently used in cash machines discovered in supermarkets and restaurants,which is a software application, as compared to the Windows operating system itself. It’s also specifically designed for commercial retail and manufacturing enterprises that combine commerce and industry. It continues to support linking all POS cash registers of retail commercial companies to standard computers, but the pc must be equipped with the exact same management software as the POS cash registers.

The external hardware operation of a checkout counter and a point-of-sale machine is comparable. It is defined by the cash machine software that you are using. Some of these are simple invoice management applications. This procedure is comparable to those of several electronic cash registers found in supermarkets. The particular software functions of marketing POS machines are reasonably strong. Not only are all the functions of the electronic cash register included, but also there are relatively detailed capabilities including inventory, purchase, shipment, report, and return.

What is the wide screen and square screen lcd monitor ?

Widescreen: The width of the screen clearly outnumbers the height.

The international organization for standardization for high-definition monitor is 16:9.

Square screen: The screen’s height is the same as its width.

What are the advantages and disadvantages between wide screen and square screen lcd monitor ?

Widescreen: Even though high-definition monitors will mainly use the 16:9 ratio in the long term, more and more LCD monitors will accept the widescreen ratio. The widescreen ratio is nearer to the golden ratio and thus ideally adapted to human eyes.
Square screens are inappropriate for human eyes. All of the monitor programs started to receive have such a 4:3 aspect ratio.

What is the production method of wide screen and square screen

Widescreen: The primary distinction in manufacturing is that the cutting ratio has already been changed, which not only doesn’t raise the cost, but genuinely decreases the cost because of the decrease in the actual location of the Lcd monitor.

Square screen: The price is reduced in order to accommodate various groups of consumers’ purchasing abilities and usage habits.

What is a customer display ?

The customer display is generally made of injection moulding process materials.Its primary colors are black in the application. 

Customer displays can show 40 characters including 20 columns x 2 lines such as unit price, total, payment, change, and more.

It’s popular in department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, specialty stores, hospitals, airports, and train stations, among other places.

What is non-contact IC card reader ?

The radio frequency card, also referred to as the non-contact IC card, is made up of an IC chip and an inferential antenna and is stored in a standard PVC card. There aren’t any exposed parts on the chip or antenna. It is a relatively new technique that has appeared in the world over recent years.

It manages to combine RF identification technology and IC card reader techniques, bringing an end to the matter of passive (no power in the card) and contact-free cards. A substantial development inside the field of equipment. The card is retained at a specific distance from the reader’s surface (usually 5-10mm), as well as info is read and recorded through use of radio signal transmission.

The difference of capacitive / resistive touch screen for pos terminal ?

Touch sensitivity for comparison
Since the capacitive screen operates on the existing induction of the human body, non-conductive items such as nail polish, gloves, and others are not identified by the capacitive sensor system from underneath the display screen. The resistive screen identifies pressure and is able to touched with any object, such as a stylus.

Assessment of the economic viability for multi-touch
The capacitive screen can support multi-touch based on the method of application and software utilised.
The resistive screen’s multi-touch cannot be actually realised unless the circuit is rearranged and attached to the machine.

Comparison of damage resistance

The capacitive screen’s outer surface is a protective layer of silica glass which can be damaged under serious impact. The resistive screen’s outer surface layer is an extremely thin film that needs to be pushed down to provide force sensing, and the resistive screen upholds a stylus, making the display particularly susceptible to scratch. It really does demand a protective film and much more common measurement, but it is superior to a capacitive screen. It is challenging to break.

What is DPI Switch for Thermal Printer ?

The DPI of a pos thermal printer is really the quantity of dots per inch upon this printing width of the print head or the amount of dots per millimeter deity.

It is a built-in characteristic of the print head that is defined by the photo masking surface used in production.

The pixel density distribution shows a clear clustering, with 200 dpi and 300 dpi representing the majority of thermal print heads actually generated. Many applications can be fulfilled by such two resolutions, and their economic system is favoured in modern innovations. The table’s sections show the resolution of each print head series.

In fact, the higher the DPI worth, the better the printer’s printing correctness. The imaging of printing will become worse as the DPI decreases.

What can we do when touch inaccurately for pos terminal ?

How can I know when if the touch is incorrect ?

The finger initially hits the pos machines’ screen, but no cursor appears on the right.

How can this be resolved ?

Please complete the following measurement procedures: (Start the multitouch screen calibration operating systems)

1) As a first time, install the touch driver on the machine.

2) Change the resolution almost each time.

3) Modify the frequency of the panel every time.

4) The cursor doesn’t always correspond to the touched point.

The measured data will be saved in the controller’s registration after measurement, therefore there is no need to adjust the pos terminal screen every time the system is initiated.

Is it better to use a plastic base for cash register machine or a metal base ?

Metal is thermally conductive and provides a better heat dissipation function than plastic casings.

Metal base for cash register machine is challenging to create scratches, but plastic housing is easily dirty, and scratches are common to be produced.

The metal housing for cash register appears more upscale and durable.

What is washing label printer ?

The washing label printer seems to be a printer that is employed to print the fabric composition and appropriate washing technique of numerous garments.

There are multiple kinds of water-marking printers available for printing different sizes of items.

Commercial washing label printers, desktop washing label printers, industrial and commercial dual-use washing label printers, industrial washing label printers, and others are all frequently utilised.

The all-in-one pos terminal has a HDMI, can it be used as a normal display ?

HDMI is split into two components : input and output.

The all-in-one pos terminal lacks a video input function and cannot operate effectively as a display.

The HDMI interface on the all-in-one POS terminal is used to connect an external display interrogator for cash register.

What are the common interfaces for All-in-one POS terminal ?

The following interfaces are primarily found on the integrated pos system machines.

I/O Port : USB/Serial/VGA/HDMI/LAN

Microphone & Earphone 

Power Button

If you require customization, please feel free to contact us to add a functionality for your businesses.

How to clean the touch screen monitor for pos terminal ?

When cleaning the monitor screen for pos terminal, use a high-end glasses garment to softly wipe the surface.

Remove hundreds of dust particles.

To remove fingerprints and oil stains from the LCD screen monitor.

To wash the liquid crystal screen, use a special cleaning agent.

You should really exercise extreme caution for using detergents.

Wash the cleaning agent from the center of the display outward until all the screen is clean.

Cleaning agent and special wipes selection: Let’s take a closer look at the cleaning agents that everyone uses.

1. Use absolute alcohol to clean.

2. Wash with stockings and pure water.

3. Wipe down with a soft cloth

4. Wipe with dry high quality toilet paper after wiping with a wet cotton towel.

5. Lens paper for cameras

6. Go to the mall and purchase a special cloth for wiping the screen of flat-screen monitors.

7. Suede

8. Cotton

What can we do when the pos terminal monitor has no signal

Please take a look into the following situations:

1. First, make sure that the pos terminal’s external wiring is properly connected, and then reunite each connection to determine whether the failure has been completely removed.

2. If the problem continues, open the chassis to evaluate for short circuits generated by board deflection, burnt paste in the chassis, and burnt down chips on the PCB board.

3. If the problem remains, please disconnect the reset boundary, numerous different switches, and predictor cables on the motherboard, then test it using a screwdriver short circuit switch.

4. If it cannot be turned on, use the system and hardware procedure to unplug the harddrive, floppy disk drives, as well as optical drive data cables, and then check whether pos terminal machine can be turned on.

If the computer monitor displays a startup screen, the problem is in these machines. Then, one after another, attach more than one piece of hardware to the computer. When an item of equipment is linked, the fault reappears, revealing that the problem is caused by this device, and the focus is eventually on checking this device for the pos machine.

5. If the problem persists, it may be caused by such a machine including memory, graphics card, CPU, motherboard, and others. Whereupon, using the methods of plug-in and swap, evaluate whether the memory, graphics card, CPU, and other devices are in good working condition. If a device is destroyed, it ought to be removed.

How to do when the pos system computer always restarts ?

1. Poor heat decomposition of Pos computer can easily cause PC machine to restart instantaneously, because the CPU has a the feacture in self-protection, which will automatically shutdown to safeguard whenever the temperature threatens Pos hardware.

It is recommended that you perform pos terminal in a dry and cool condition, with the fan running normally to maintain adequate heat dissipation.

2. It’s possible that there’s an issue with the pos software, including computer poisoning and operating system conflicts or errors.

These might enable it to restart automatically. To completely remove software problems, initially start by removing the viral infection and then decrease its existence on the POS machine.

Operate its software carefully to see under certain conditions it restarts automatically, or attempt to re-install the system.

3. It typically causes pos computer abnormalities owing to unsteady voltage and inadequate power supply. If all these considerations are to keep blaming, customise a charge controller and consider replacing with a strong power supply.

4. Troubles with memory will also affect the POS system to relaunch automatically. Memory mistakes are usually caused by poor interaction or damaged memory.

How does the logistics industry choose the appropriate barcode scanner ?

1. In the logistics and express industry, the reading speed of a scanner is extremely fast.

A laser scanner is strongly advised. The laser scanning reader can generally read from a distance. The red light CCD reader is primarily used for interaction scanning. The laser scanning machine outperforms than the red light scanner. When scanning a piece, the scanner can really be scanned in a broad range. It isn’t required to calibrate it, and the scanning speed has increased substantially.

The red light scanning reader is much less expensive, but the laser scanning gun is also more expensive.

2. Price: Scanners in the logistics and express industries are updated frequently. Because scanners have such a rate of loss, it is best to use scanners at the appropriate cost.

Nearly everyday, scanners in the express delivery industry are scanning a huge number of items. It has been used for a year or two and has become more common compared to other industries.

As a consequence, when deciding on a purchase, you should take into account the cycle cost of future potential substitute. Users can pick a scanning reader based on the cost of your express stage of development.

3. Wireless: Large packages are passed by scanners in the logistics and express industries. It is recommendable to use wireless scanners. The large percentage of them are parcels. Wired is not only short on distance but also clumsy. It is undoubtedly inconvenient to use, so wireless is preferable.

What can we know about open frame monitor with metal housing ?

The usage of high-performance metal base material is far more durable than normal engineering plastics, more impervious to acids and alkalis, and far less harmful to the environment.

Heat dissipation seems to be faster, as well as the performance is more consistent.

The metal frosted paint shell is much more textured and lasts a long time.

High-end atmosphere for metal shell.

What happens when the pos terminal goes blank after the pos machine is turned on ?

The main problem may be the followings: after turning on the pos terminal, the host running screen to be black screen and display no input, the motherboard bios self-test keeps failing, the display wiring and the hardware has been loose, then the right display may fail.

1. First, reconnect or replace the monitor wiring to evaluate if the problem is caused by the monitor cables.

2. If the broadcaster has double graphics to replace another graphics card and check, it demonstrates whether the problem is caused by the graphics card.

3. Open the case of pos terminal and re-insert the memory into the case, and rubber can be used to clean the memory.

4. Discharge the motherboard, disconnect the main board’s power cable and display cable, locate the button battery on the main board, then reinstall and turn it in ten minutes after removing the battery.




What types of touch for all-in-one pos ?

Resistive touch screen and Capacitive touch screen are common used in pos system machines.

And other two types of touch will be introduced as the following :

Infrared touch screen

The touch all-in-one infrared technology has the key characteristics: high sensitivity (merely touch it), high sealing (protection against dust, water, and dirt), and superior optical quality (highly light transmission),which is durable and protable for applications.

Infrared touch screen can be utilized in field situations, extreme conditions, ticket machines, medical equipment, industrial automation, military equipment, sales terminals, transportation, and other applications.

Acoustic pulse wave touch screen

Acoustic pulse wave recognition is a new technique,whose  advantages include excellent optical quality (highly light transmitting), ease of maintenance, stability, and drag characteristics, making it ideal to be used in a wide range of situations.


How to do when the monitor can't light up ?

The monitor display goes black, and the power indicator is turned off.

The moral judgement method can be split into two steps:
First, make sure the display power button is turned on.
Whether the monitor’s power cable is properly connected: Is there a good connection between the power plug and the 220v socket? If the connection is fine, the display can be considered problematic.

How to do when the monitor display becomes geometrically distorted ?

The performance is that the monitor screen’s angles are not straight, and the screen’s edges are rounded or tilted. It is assessed through two steps:

Restore the production lines initial value, with the monitor facing the other way;

Using the control menu, adjust the tilt, trapezoid, line shape, amplitude, and more. The corners remain out of range after adjustment, indicating that the display is seriously flawed.

What could we do if the cash drawer can not open properly ?

If you experience this kind of problem, you should really ask the retailer whether hearing the sound of the cash drawer.

1) When there is sound:

First, evaluate whether the cash drawer’s bottom lever or the key is able to open the cash drawer (the three-gear locked cash drawer has one gear that can be opened directly by a key). If it is unable to opened, it is possible that the cash drawer has been locked.

Second, if none of the above problems exist, we should check the voltage of the pos and cash drawer, as well as the supply voltage of the cash drawer.

2) If there is no sound:

It may be caused by an issue with the cash drawer interaction. This kind of circumstance necessarily requires the replacement check (the pos also needs to confirm whether there is an option to open the cash box in the drive item).

How to do when the pos terminal' screen stripes ?

We will encounter numerous problems by using POS Terminals,and when the Pos monitor suddenly displays stripes of different colours, what ought we to do?

First, we must evaluate whether the stripes display is intermittent or continuous.

If it only appears occasionally, it is probable with a RAM problem and you can replace the memory to test.

If it emerges all the moment, it is possible that the pos lcd screen is damaged and requires a new lcd screen for pos terminal.


What should we do when the thermal printer can't output paper ?

The thermal printer produces output.

1. The thermal printer suddenly stops printing paper on the work. Initially, make sure whether the printer is filled with thermal paper.

2. If the thermal printer has thermal paper, push the print button and observe what appears on the screen of the cash register machine. If everything else keeps failing, it may be a problem with the printer or the cash register circuit connection.

3. Evaluate whether the thermal printer has a paper jam. If a jammed paper happens, stop functioning instantly and fix the printer’s interior.

4. Confirm that the printer connection is normal and there is no problem inside the printer.

Is it possible to feed back information after the bar code scanner cannot read the code?

Intelligent image recognition technique is employed by the fixed barcode scanner. The ideal integration of sophisticated image recognition methodologies and manufacturing techniques vastly simplifies the design difficulties of 2D barcode reading items and creates an excellent standard for high performance and high stability of 2D imaging readers. It can read all common one-dimensional bar codes as well as standard two-dimensional bar codes.

Will there be any feedback about the unsuccessful code reading if the scanner fails to scan or the code reading times out? There are a few settings, but you have to set them up first. You could provide the functional feedback to us, then we will respond and give you answers as soon as possible.

What can we do when the cash drawer goes wrong ?

There is no response to open the cash drawer after pressing the front-desk pos system at the cash register. How can we enter the cash drawer, which doesn’t open automatically and must be opened by a key?

1. Check that the cash drawer connection is linked to the ticket printer.
2. Examine the pos software settings. Across most cases, the cash drawer’s port in the software is LTP1, which is designed by the printer’s port. Therefore, when your printer can print tickets, you can use the cash drawer port.

3. If the software is set up and the cash drawer line is okay, you can press to open the cash drawer to hear whether there is a “tick” sound in the cash drawer. If there is, the cash drawer is not opened, so the problem is in the cash drawer. The spring connected to the electronic lock is damaged and must be repaired; if no sound is heard, either the printer or the cash drawer electronic lock is damaged.

How to solve the common problems for pos system machines ?

First, the black display screen on the POS machine:

1. When pos the power turned on but have no display? Please check that the power is turned on, the motherboard responds but no display appears. When the power indicator is lit, confirm to ensure that the monitor transmission connection is linked.

2. Does it make a beep when you turn it on? The memory may have poor contact.

3. When the boot screen is already in English but you didn’t access to the os? Check the hard drive to see if the COMS is configured properly.

Second, pos customer displays no display:

1.No display for customer-facing? Please make sure that the main power supply is properly connected.

2. Customer display does not receive a signal? Check if the signal connection is linked well, and check the software settings to match the options.

Third, the barcode scanner does not work:

1. The scanner can scan but no data is received:  The computer beeps after the scanning, which suggests that the scanning line has failed.

2. Is there any carriage return after the scanner reading? Please search for “Enter” in the user manual.

3. A little and weak reading light, and scaners occasionally produce a sound. The light is not extinguished, and the problem ought to be with the light head of the bar code scanner.

How to adjust the thermal printer if printing is not clear?

When you use the printer regularly, the print contents are not completely obvious enough, or even the printing is not clear after a particular period of time (usually due to the ambient temperature being changed).

Procedures for processing: On the pos terminal machine, press the ” Start” button. “Devices and printers (start with Windows 10 and then navigate to Settings, Devices,  Printers and Scanners, Devices, and Printers)” Right-click the printer icon and select properties and printing preferences, then choose the Options.
Thermal printing is not clear. Slow down the printing speed, raise the darkness, then print a try,

In general, thermal printers usually do not print clearly because printers print very quickly, and the printer’s heating resistor lacks sufficient heat and minute to enable the printing paper to respond.

How to do when the touch of pos terminal work inaccurately ?

How can I know the touch of the pos terminal works incorrectly?

The finger first touches the screen of the pos terminal machine, but no cursor appears on the right.
How can this problem be resolved?
Please follow the following correction procedures: (Start the touch screen calibration software)
1) For the first time, install the touch driver on the pos machine.
2) Every moment, change the resolution.
3) Adjust the frequency of the screen every time.
4) The cursor may not always correspond to the touched point on the pos screen.
The calibrated data will be saved in the controller’s register after calibration, therefore there is no requirement to calibrate the touchscreen every time the computer system operates.

Does the thermal printer need ink ?

Thermal receipt printers don’t employ ink but print on thermal paper using a heating element.

Points to note during use:

1. After a long period of use, the thermal print’s head will become dirty or even the heating element will be aging, and the printed text progressively will become unclear.

2. Wash the thermal print head several times during the off state with a cotton swab dampened with alcohol, and then start it after turning on the printer machine. If the cleanup keeps failing, the print head’s living is reaching. It is vital to exchange the print head for the same printer model, but it is not simple to be replaced.

How to do when the barcode scanner work with error ?

Perhaps the direction of the barcode to the scanner restricts successful scanning. In this particular instance, look at the following:

Check that the distance and angle between the scanner and the barcode are proper for your scanner.
Rather than scanning multiple barcodes on one item, try to focus on scanning one barcode at a time if your barcode scanner can not be set for scanning multi codes at the same time.

If the item has numerous barcodes, ensure that you’re scanning the right one.

How to do when the scanner needs configuration for application ?

Check that the scanner is set up to scan the type of barcode you would like to scan:

Laser scanners are just capable of reading one-dimensional (linear) barcodes such as the GS1-128. They are unable to read two-dimensional barcodes including the GS1 DataMatrix.

2D barcodes are only able to be read by imager lasers and camera orientation scanners.
Confirm that the symbology for the barcode you are reading is allowed for the scanner. Confirm the symbology’s minimum and maximum character settings, as well as the scanner settings.

Check to see whether there is a scanner setting that stops you from scanning your code.

What can we do when The Thermal POS Receipt Printer Is Only Printing Blank Receipts ?

You need to replace the receipt paper. You instruct the POS software to print a receipt for a customer receipt, but the thermal printer generates a piece of paper that appears to be the proper size for a customer’s receipt, but it is purely blank.

Suggestion: Check that the paper roll you just packed into the printer is a thermal receipt paper roll. If it is, remove the paper roll, switch it over, and reinstall it into the printer.

This problem might be caused by two factors. You either filled a kitchen impact paper roll into the thermal receipt printer or packed the thermal receipt paper roll upside down.

When no descriptions or quantities can be entered into any field in the POS software, what should we do ?

You want to glance up a customer by name, or enter “15” as the number of products to sell, but the software won’t follow you. Users attempt to type on the on-screen keyboard or numeral pad by tapping the touch screen, but still, nothing appears. Conversely, once you pick a repeating letter or number, it instantly fills the field.

Suggestion: Check all USB ports. Locate and unplug the external keyboard.

Another strategy for troubleshooting for this familiar POS problem is to see whether something is perched on the keyboard and pressing a key. This pushes a constant order on the computer and prevents it from reacting to any other command line.

What can we solve when orders sent to the kitchen are not printing at the kitchen printer, despite the fact that the printer is turned on ?

Error messages are displayed on the POS terminals, and kitchen orders are transferred to other kitchen printers. Nothing is currently printed to the accurate kitchen printer. That kitchen printer is turned on, as well as its cables are securely connected.

Solution: To turn off the kitchen printer, simply press down the power button. To relaunch the kitchen printer, hold down the feed button and then press the power button. Remove your finger from the feed button.

You really do what is known as a print dump. The kitchen printer will print its specific requirements, accompanied by a print examination. Kitchen printers, like computers, also have their memory. This memory can become plugged up for a variety of reasons. You can clarify the printer’s memory by conducting a print dump, which clears the way for it to accept printing from the POS system again.

What should we do when you've just inserted a new roll of thermal paper into the Thermal POS Printer, but the lid won't close?

Half of a receipt is printed. You plug out the receipt, open the printer lid, grab a new roll of receipt paper, and drop it in all in one sequence. You knock the lid shut, but it springs back up. The lid can not close, and you have to print something right away!

Solution: Slow down. Remove the new roll. Then remove the old receipt paper core. Place the new paper roll. Slowly close the printer lid.

You did forget, in your haste or stress, that each thermal paper roll does have a plastic core. A thermal printer doesn’t have enough space inside to accommodate a core and a new paper roll.

How to solve when the cash drawer can not open properly for cash register ?

The customer has made a cash payment. Even though the sum of their change appears on the POS display, the cash drawer does not open to allow you to fetch it.

Solution: Make sure that the thermal printer is turned on and that paper is bundled into it. Confirm to see if the cash drawer isn’t really locked.

A cash drawer might not always access because of a wide range of considerations. The thermal printer is primarily to blame. The cash drawer directly connects to the thermal printer, and the printer, not the POS machine, controls the cash drawer. The cash drawer can not open if the thermal printer is turned off. Moreover, many thermal printers will just not allow the cash drawer to enter when there is a paper error, such as if the thermal printer is running dangerously low on paper. This problem can be settled by replacing the printing paper roll. Eventually, numerous cash drawers have locks on them. The cash drawer is locked if a lock has been spun to the left. To unlock, just use the key as well as switch it back to the right.

What is the difference between the thermal printer and impact printer ?

Thermal printers are using heat to incinerate characters onto thermal-sensitive paper. An Impact Printer, like an electric typewriter, is using a ribbon to “impact” or rapport the characters to the paper. Bond paper is necessary for impact printers (non-slick).

How to Increase Table Turns in Your Restaurant ?

The current of customers into and out of your restaurant seems to be essential to its success. Each restaurant owner hopes to increase the speed in which their tables are turning. To use wireless tablets at your tables becomes a way to raise your rates. Servers enjoy being capable of taking orders while still communicating with their clients. It helps improve order accuracy along with the time it takes to get order information to the kitchen. The sooner an order is processed by the kitchen, the sooner it is brought back to the table. The current process is quickened as a consequence of the increased effectiveness. Then it keeps a lot of people moving at a quicker speed. Moreover, it enhances the experience for customers since no one gets to enjoy it.


How to scan 1d and 2d barcodes ?

The reading distance is defined by the barcode size, symbolism, label media, narrow/wide ratio, and reading angle. The smallest barcode size is 5 mils. Check that your barcode is adequately formatted but not destroyed or badly printed.

Keep your scanner 4-5 inches away from yourself and center your light rays.
To begin scanning codes, press and hold the scan button of the barcode scanner.

How does the barcode scanner scan the OCR and travel document codes ?

Vmax supports a customizable service of any barcode scanner to read OCR characters and travel documents such as a passport.

Scanning OCR codes are similar to taking a snapshot with a barcode scanner.

Keep your barcode scanner 5-6 inches away from yourself and center your beam.
Push and hold the scan button to start reading bar codes.

When defective touching for Projected Capacitive Touchscreen, what can we do ?

1. The wire connecting the touchscreen to the mainboard is faulty, the touchscreen’s control card or the internal USB is faulty, or the Operation System has failed. Check all of the possible reasons listed above one by one, then make the necessary adjustments.
2. Replace the control card or the touchscreen
3. Adjust the touchscreen

How to solve the defective touching for Resistive touchscreen ?

1.Without touching drive, the wire connecting the touchscreen to the main board is faulty, the touchscreen’s control card or the internal USB is faulty, or the touchscreen itself is faulty. Check all of the plausible causes mentioned above one by one, then consider making the recommended corrections.
2. Attempt the 9 or 25 point linearity adjustment procedure; if that fails to work, the control card or touchscreen is perhaps most probably defective, and the touchscreen should be replaced.

How to do when able to boot and fail to access the operating system ?

1. Re-install the operating system, making sure that almost all important information has been saved safely.
2. Booting into security mode, starting to run antivirus software, or reinstalling the os.
3. Remove the hard disk and consider replacing it.
4. Restart the operating system. Install an additional hard disk

What can we do if unable to boot and power indicator is on for pos terminal ?

Alter the main board.
Plug the RAM bank out and replace it, or switch RAM banks.

If POS system can not access the OS ?

Hit the ESC or the DEL to enter the BIOS. Confirm whether you have access to the BIOS.

Perhaps you should clean the CMOS if you cannot get into the BIOS as that indicates a faulty mainboard.

If you are capable to get into the BIOS, complete the following checks:

1. Verify the BIOS data to check if the hard disk has been identified;

2. Check the RAM to figure out if it continues to operate properly or not; malfunctioning RAM usually results in system beeps;

3. Replace the SSD or other internal OS storage device.

If none of those mentioned above measures work, it might be essential to replace the main board.

If the system fails to turn on with the power indicator on ?

1. Turn off the AC and then re-connect the adapter

2. Verify whether or not the power cable is slack.

2. Replace the adaptor and try once again.

4. Unplug all of the accessories before trying again.

5. If the machine beeps four times abnormally, clean the memory, put it back in, and start again.

6. Retry after clearing the CMOS on the mainboard;

7. If none of the above solutions listed above work, it may be required to replace the main board.

Why the touch is not normally opearting ?

Try to reinstall the touch driver again.

Check that the touch wires have been properly attached.

Check the FPC cable and touch USB cable on the touch controller board.

Why there is no touch sound when tapping the screen?

There is no touch sound by default.

Install the optional function to turn on the touch sound if necessary.

Why won't the system power on?

Attempt to replace another adapter to confirm if the adapter is defective.

Verify whether the power switch has been properly attached to the motherboard and whether it has become damaged or overused.

Attempt to boot into BIOS and load the BIOS default or optimized settings.

Attempt to exchange a different motherboard to figure out whether the original one is faulty.

The system has been switched on and is operating. Why isn't the display showing?

Attempt to open the shell and verify that the motherboard is properly linked to all of the display’s wires.
Verify whether the display’s interface cable is properly attached.
Attempt to switch over to a different display to evaluate whether the current one is faulty.

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