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Electronic Price Tag

  • Applicable scenarios: Vegetables, fruits, deli supermarkets, convenience stores, smart stores, etc.
  • Fully and rapidly automated updates of product images and prices, and increase the frequency of price change promotions.
  • Saving time and money on manual pricing and reducing paper costs, with a low error rate and long service life for electronic pricing tags.
  • Freeing up the attention from manual pricing to customer service and merchandising.
  • Increasing customer traffic by using digital price tags for product advertisements and promotions, improving store image and customer satisfaction Improving the efficiency of employee pick-and-collect services.
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High-quality electronic price tags that can display regulatory information, along with rich content for customers, are essential for fresh products.

Vmax pos have built a particular solution for Fruits & Vegetables to suit consumers ‘ requests and continue to present shops with a comprehensive solution for the coming years.

Fresh goods request high-quality electronic price tags that can show regulatory information and captivating content for customers.

Electronic Price Tags build unique solutions for Fruits and Vegetables that fulfills customer needs while simultaneously offering businesses an extensive option.

The electronic pricing tags are capable of creating images and rapidly updating product prices, saving time and money on manually operated pricing as well as decreasing paper expenses, freeing up the attention from manual pricing to customer service and merchandise, boosting customer traffic through the application of digital price tags to products advertisements and promotions, and enhancing the effectiveness of employee pick-and-collect services to customers.

Here are numerous sizes of digital pricing tags available for retail shops, you could gain more information about electronic price tags and call Vmaxpos experts for professional communication.

TypeElectronic Price Tag
LCD Display3.5”, 4”, 5”, 7”, 8”, 10.1”, 12”, 15”, 15.6”
ResolutionUp to 1280*800
Videos FormatMP4 720P
Pictures Formatbmg, jpg, gif, png optional
Multi-Voltage Input9-28V optional
SupportVideos, Pictures, Texts Display
Onboard WIFI, onboard storage 128Mb
(customizable according to customer needs)

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