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PD280-I 2.8 inch QR Display

  • QR code display payment machine uses USB virtual serial interface standard.
  • Use international ESC / POS standard command, no need to install any driver.
  • Developing to integrate with a barcode reader, NFC, VFD, Pin code keyboard, etc.
  • QR code display devices can ODM according to your needs.
  • QR payment display machine is able to add the logo in the middle of the QR code.
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PD280-I 2.8” QR display pos machine has no need to set up a driver according to using the normal international ESC / POS command, and the QR code display screen offers digital signage ability and shows the payment code, so customers could take a direct payment and not need to wait in line thanks to digital signage, which can help you boost your bottom line.

PD280 QR code signage display device is designed for a seamless QR Code payment experience for customers’ transactions, allowing the display of ready-made QR Codes, and is able to be installed with different POS system machines to make payment simple in heavy traffic POS environments.

The QR code display device has another white color option to fit your layout style of cash register machines in retail stores and to provide an electronic QR code signage display for quick payment at the checkout.

If you need the PD280 QR code display device for a conventional cash register, you can call us for a direct talk with the assistance of professional experts for your merchants.

LCD screen size
2.8-inch QR Code Display
Display type
TFT LCD color screen
Dots of matrix
Display window
43.20(W)*57.60( H ) MM
Module Size
50(W )*70( H ) MM
250 cd/m
Supply voltage
Power consumption
1W max
Baud rate
adapt all kinds of baud rates automatically
Operating ambient temperature
Storage temperature

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