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PD280-I 2.8 inch QR Display

  • QR code display payment machine uses USB virtual serial interface standard.
  • Use international ESC / POS standard command, no need to install any driver.
  • Developing to integrate with a barcode reader, NFC, VFD, Pin code keyboard, etc.
  • QR code display devices can ODM according to your needs.
  • QR payment display machine is able to add the logo in the middle of the QR code.
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PD280-I 2.8” QR display POS machine has no need to set up a driver as using the normal international ESC / POS command, and the QR code display screen offers digital signage ability and shows the payment code, then customers can take a direct payment process and can not wait in line with digital signage to help retailers boost the bottom line.

As a consequence, a QR code e-payment machine is a device that allows customers to pay for goods or services by scanning a QR code with their smartphones to make payment transactions without cash or cards, with a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for businesses to decrease the need for paper receipts.

PD280 QR code signage display device is designed for a seamless QR Code e-payment experience for customers’ transactions, allowing ready-made QR Code display, available to be integrated with existing POS systems to make payment simple and quick in heavy traffic POS environments.

The 2.8-inch e-payment machines can be integrated into various point-of-sale environments and customized in different background images and logos in the middle of the QR Code, and combined with a barcode reader, NFC, VFD, PIN code keyboard, etc.

The QR code display e-payment device has another white appearance optional to enhance your shop’s layout and provide customers with a fantastic checkout experience.

If you would like to learn about the PD280 e-payment machine for a conventional cash register, please don’t wait to call us with professional experts’ assistance for merchants.

LCD screen size
2.8-inch QR Code Display
Display type
TFT LCD color screen
Dots of matrix
Display window
43.20(W)*57.60( H ) MM
Module Size
50(W )*70( H ) MM
250 cd/m
Supply voltage
Power consumption
1W max
Baud rate
Adapt all kinds of baud rates automatically
Operating ambient temperature
Storage temperature

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