How to choose the ideal warehouse barcode scanner ?

Attempting to choose which type of industrial barcode scanner can operate wonderfully for your working environment?

The followings are the key points to figure out to help you an intelligent decision.

  • Is a robust scanner required?

    Make sure that its components are capable of withstanding everyday working environments in an industrial environment. While evaluating every device’s IP grade, you ought to consider into account if the barcode scanner will be exposed to dust, dirt, or water. A casing or enclosure’s degree of protection against the entrance of solid substances, dust, and water can be measured by an IP rating, commonly referred to as an International Protection Rating or Ingress Protection Rating. Barcode readers can additionally be evaluated for shock and vibration resistance and dropped surviving onto concrete or steel surfaces along with IP certification.

    industrial barcode scanner with IP67
    • Are there any temperature requirements for warehouse scanners?

    You ought to wonder whether your barcode scanners will function effectively when they are utilized in an environment with serious temperatures. Pay particular attention to the ambient temperature of the scanners when they are functioning, storing, and charging. Cold storage environments, for instance, may be quite demanding on the equipment you have. Screens and housings may become fragile with continuous use of subpar equipment in cold environments, and frequent condensation can result in internal components corroding, short-circuiting, and breaking.

    • Is a portable barcode scanner essential?

    If thus, take into consideration purchasing a cordless, portable scanner. Portable or cordless barcode scanners demand charging and are equipped with a base that is utilized for transferring information as well as powering the scanner. Despite the fact that they tend to become higher in price per unit, wireless barcode scanners are capable of supporting Bluetooth and wireless communication.

    cordless wireless industrial barcode scanner
    • Are the barcode scanners going to be connected to a PC terminal?

    The ports on the terminal need to be evaluated first. Barcode scanners can be connected to a machine’s USB, serial, or PS2 interfaces to function. A scanner can’t be attached to a computer unless it has an appropriate connector. Linking to a different kind of port occasionally calls for the application of an adaptor. There is no need to recharge a reader that has been linked to a computer machine.

    • Is the barcode scanner compatible with the type of barcode you’re using?

    Generally speaking, barcodes are either one-dimensional (1D) or two-dimensional (2D), allowing for different resolutions. Make sure that you purchase a scanner that can read two-dimensional barcodes if you intend to work with 2D barcodes.

    • Is the scanner compatible with the software you’re currently applying?

    Software for inventory management, distribution, and warehouse management is commonly utilized in businesses. Make careful to thoroughly verify before buying warehouse scanners to make sure that they can work with your current business systems.

    If you are looking for an industrial barcode scanner, you could click here to select the most appropriate industrial barcode reader for your business environment.

    When you do not exactly know about your scanning requirements for an industrial barcode scanner in business applications, you would like to call us for professional assistance.

    Or you can also download the product catalog to pick up the favored barcode reader you prefer.

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