What Should we Take Care of when LCD Display Screen Works for ?

VMAX POS has explained the related information of lcd screen from serveral previous articles.It’s easy for readers to undrestand what is lcd,how lcd works,and what kind of lcd screen we should select for business.Today,vmax pos will provide you with the essay of which kind of appliction situation lcd display screen will work for and what we should do for protecting lcd display.

At first,vmax pos will make you go over the basic structure of a liquid crystal display is a liquid crystal sandwiched between two perpendicular layers of material.There are series of multiple and parallel small wires flowing between the two pieces of glass,and the rod-shaped crystal molecules can adjust position and refract light by powering or de-energizing them to make a drawing.

15 inch lcd screen for pos system display

Next,there is common for us to detect lcd display screens are appearing in our daily life and different species of lcd screens are applied into various business occasions like consumer electronics,vehicle display,outdoor display,point-of-sale display,auto advertisements,desktop tablet,healthcare,smart-wear etc.

lcd display applications like healthcare,vehicle navigation,smart-wear,industrial control

Then,what should we do for taking care of lcd screen,and which precautions must we pay attention to when lcd screens are applied in unequal environment ?

If the display is not in use, make doubly sure it is powered off or the brightness is lessened. Otherwise, it will lead to the occurrence burnout or aging over time. This damage is continuous and irrevocable once it happens. Additionally, if a similar item is displayed consistently for an extended amount of time, some LCD pixels may overheat, causing in internal burnout. The display will operate effectively if the humidity is kept between 30 and 80 %, but if the atmospheric humidity is higher than 80 %, condensation will build inside the display. After being wet, the main current transformer and other elements are also sensitive to escape, which might culminate in an electric shock of the connection.LCD monitors must therefore be separated from the water. Monitors that have never been used in a long time can be left on for a brief span of time on a constant basis, allowing the thermal radiation by the monitor to draw moisture out from the machine.

Therefore,according to our lcd display screens in vmax pos terminal machine,here is urgent for customers to notice that necessary protection should be used in pos system monitor because our pos all-in-one termnials are usually made from lcd display screens,which is easy to be affected the display’s brightness and color,even operation life.

lcd display screen used in pos terminal monitor
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