What Should We Consider to Purchase The Digital Signage ?

There are multiple applications for interactive digital signage, ideal for continuous usage in public areas, ranging from retail to entertainment to inquiry machines and digital signs.

Interactive digital signage can provide the most convenience for advertising and promotion for supermarkets, order details for customer checkout, kitchen displays for quick orders,  self-inquiry for super malls, and others. So when we demand to pick up interactive digital signage for business, what are the considerations to think about before purchasing smart digital signage for business needs?

  • Resolution ought to be accessible on occasion

The digital signage screen’s visibility should be a display terminal’s initial focus. There are presently not only 720p, 1080p, and 1920p, total HD items on the market but also 4K and even 8K devices; the higher the level of resolution, the superior the quality of the imagery. Nevertheless, business owners can’t pursue superior resolution in the course of purchasing blindly, since it additionally indicates more expensive inputs, and to accomplish the developed usage experience of the operation, the users have to choose the most cost-efficient digital signage for their business environments.

  • Considerations about operation environments

As a way to ensure that the digital signage LCD monitor accomplishes the most effective impact, users have to carefully consider the environmental variables while being installed and worked, including ambient light, working temperature, humidity, anti-dust, viewing angles, contrast radio, and so on. Clients can select digital signage monitors focused on a broad range of application environments. For example, in an indirect or direct sunlight environment, pick up high-brightness products to guarantee that the display information is visible; in dusty and humid environments, it is necessary to consider items’ protection grades and select splash and dust-proof products for operations.

  • Select the most appropriate size

Wide sizes of screens have grown into an irrevocable development, regardless of whether it is a PC machine, cell phone, advertising monitor, or projection device, and interactive digital signage display does not constitute an exception. However, in actual implementations, the size of the digital signage display should match the distance from the screen to the user for the best viewing enjoyment, rather than the opposite way around. When acquiring the item, verify that you’re able to properly grasp your working area to identify the best viewing distance; and please do not chase enormous size blindly, which not only wastes money but also severely decreases the usage impact.

VMAX can offer you a wide range of digital signage display customizations, to satisfy your specific requirements from appearance to performance, whether the digital signage is installed with a desktop stand or wall-mounted VESA, all above depending on your preferences.

Trust VMAX and your choice, equip you with the ideal solutions for interactive digital signage, to optimize costs, increase operational efficiency, and enhance the total usage experience.

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