What is the difference of pos and terminal ?

In the first place,it’s necessary for us to understand pos meaning the point-of-sale, and realize the details of pos and terminal.

During the 21st century,the internet technology has been quickly developing for many years,which is influencing and improving our basic necessaries of life conveniently.To be the first to be affected is our payment in our daily life.

The traditional payment way and the modern payment way exist many differences, like the disparate conveniences.The traditional payment way is more troublesome on the basic of people’s management,but the modern payment more depends on the convenience of machine.Therefore,the processing speed of the modern payment is faster than the traditional payment.

Then on account of our needs of actual application,point-of-sale system has been changed and improved due to people’s needs.

As a result,Vmax pos mainly concentrates on smart pos system to improve the quality of daily life based on technology development.

The following is the introduction of pos system,the difference between pos and terminal.

The pos means the point-of-sale,and Vmax mostly introduces pos as a smart pos system including cash drawing,receipt printer, barcode scanner,VFD display,all-in-one terminal with customer facing screen,and etc.

So,the main difference of pos and terminal is that terminal is the one part of pos system,and the pos system contains the terminal.And a POS system different from a standard terminal is able to do various jobs and increase the efficiency of your firm. Furthermore,the smart pos system can provide analytics which a standard terminal cannot. Many important elements of your organization can function more smoothly if you use a point of sale system effectively.

In recent years,smart pos system will be developed even better.More pos system and terminal machine technology can be applied in different business not only retail,restaurant but also transportation.

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