What Is A Customer Display ?

A customer-facing display (CFD), is well-identified as a display monitor or customer display, which is a powerful and flexible, customizable display screen that generates an enhanced user experience for your business and its consumers.

9.7 Inch pos customer display

What can we learn about customer display?

You’ve possibly been to see customer displays in local stores near you. It’s a digital screen that enables you to show detailed order information to your customers without trying to interfere with consumers. While in the checkout process, customers have access to see their order, tax, discount, and loyalty information on the customer display monitor.

Why do we need to use a customer display?

Customer displays can provide assistance:

Boost trust and satisfaction among customers by making sure of accuracy and decreasing erroneous transactions.

Provide such a highly customized display screen — you make a decision about where the display monitor will be installed at the counter and what information the screen will try to show to customers.

Remove an additional payment machine from your countertop to save space, which can transform the look of your checkout counter.

customer display with transaction

What can customers see through the customer display?

Consumers can see goods appear on the screen when they are read by scanners, with taxation applied and the total on the screen. If your customer is trying to purchase a significant number of items, the list on the touchscreen can be scrolled.

After scanning all of the goods, the customer display directs them to fold their card or tap if they want to use mobile payments. (Consumers could also dip their credit card since products are scanned, and they are unable to use mobile pay while a transaction is in progress.) Whenever a customer pays, a confirmation message will appear on the customer display screen and a beep is heard by the client.

If you participate in a loyalty scheme, it’s going to be represented after payment. Customers could also consider signing up for loyalty programs, registering their information, and earning stars from any participating merchant on the customer display.

Your customer display will arrive safely and be secured to your new point-of-sale terminal. If you want to find one customer display monitor to fit your pos system, you could contact VMAX experts to get more info. Even if you want to find the whole pos system solution with all-in-one terminals and customer displays, scanners, and printers, you can call to speak with VMAX’s specialists to get more assistance.

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