How to choose a lcd screen for pos system

In the above,VMAX POS has introduced you with the LCD serialized article,so can you understand what is meant by lcd display and how lcd display works ? As we all know,lcd display screen is an important part of pos machine.There is obvious that pos terminal is familiar to our daily life,applied for our convenience. Perhaps,we could attempt to know the related information of what is pos system and how to choose a appropriate lcd screen for all in one pos terminal.

What is a POS system example ?

A point-of-sale purchase or payment,commonly known as a financial transaction involving a POS system, normally occurs until a certain moment in time. For instance, if you intend to buy bundles of goods and carry them to the checkout line, a member of the staff there will scan the items and print out a receipt for you.

example of pos system

What is the main component of a POS system?

For a pos system,the most important part is the all-in-one pos terminal for business.And businesses could obtain basically all the POS capabilities they desire for all-in-one POS systems, combined into a single, highlighted configuration. Although specific components could vary from  other demands, these systems usually provide a touch screen, receipt printer, cash drawer, and bar code scanner,VFD MSR,customer display,etc.

pos system with optional accessories

How to choose a lcd display screen for pos system ?

Firstly,the size of main lcd screen in all-in-one pos terminal may exceed 15 inch with requipments for highly convenit display.

Secondly,the quality of lcd display in pos system machine may be brand-level and A-level like AUO or BOE original screen so that its operating life can be warranted.

Thirdly,the parameters of lcd display screen are also required for better display.For example,hd resolution, highlight,wide angle of viewing,fast respond time,high contrast ratio,which satisfy display of pos sytem.

the lcd display of all in one pos terminal

High quality and suitable lcd screens make pos system more unhindered.

The pos system can be combined with optional customer display monitor.When we choose a clearer and more coloful lcd display,here is pleasant for customers to wait in line.

the pos termial with customer display monitor

VMAX POS as for a pos machine manufacturer,we greatly expect you to understand pos system deeply and have grealy fun in point-of-sale business situation

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