What is in LCD Screen and How LCD Display Works ?

First of all,it should be noted that what is the liquid crystal.

Liquid crystal is a substance’s intermediate state between solid (crystal) and liquid (liquid crystal).When molecularly ordered crystals are melted,they normally transform into liquid, which possesses fluidity but no any order. When organic molecules are melted, their order is preserved in one molecular direction but lost in other molecular regions. Despite being liquid, molecules in a uniform path have refractive indices, dielectric constants, and other physical properties that are similar to other crystals. According to this, they are known as liquid crystals.

Secondly,What is the display working principle of liquid crystal and how lcd display works?

Liquid crystal material is placed between two sheets of glass in a liquid crystal display (LCD).Liquid crystal molecules align in parallel with the glass surface even when no voltage is provided between clear electrodes.

Therefore,we take TFT LCD display screen as a case : how tft-lcd display module works and present the appearance of this lcd module.

tft-lcd display screen
The Dimesion of TFT-LCD Screen

The TFT-LCD liquid crystal module is made up of two glass substrates sandwiching a layer of liquid crystal, with the upper glass substrate being pasted together with color filter and the lower glass substrate being embedded with transistors. The liquid crystal molecules are deflected to change the polarity of the light when the electric field changes through the transistor, and the polarizer determines the state of the pixel. Furthermore, the upper glass is connected to the color filter, resulting in red, green, and blue hues in each pixel. The image picture on the display screen is made up of these pixels that emit red, green, and blue hues.

Finally,we are able to realize what is in lcd screen.

For example,select the TFT-LCD display screen as an explain too.It is easy for us to distinguish structure of tft-lcd screen from the following picture.

structure of tft lcd screen
Structure of TFT LCD Screen and working (Picture from Google)

The backboard is downmost in the lcd module,and the topside is plastic box, iron box decorated on the glass product.Then we could see under the top classics is top polarizer which is capable of making the light accomplish the final deflection to form the image.Then here is the glass substrate containing the thin firm transistor between with liquid crystal,and RGB color filte.Under the glass substrate is the bottom polarizer that is make the light achieve the first deflection.And below the bottom polarizer is the backlight element including the lamp to provide the light,and diffuser sheet,light guide plate,reflector sheet,prism sheet to increase and spread the light.

What is in a lcd display can be summarized as the glass substrate and backlight,electronic components,outline border,etc.

And how to confirm which kind of lcd screen is normal-use and which is better between TFT and IPS LCD,what kind of lcd screen is suitable for pos terminal monitor is our next cateto explain.

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